Affiliate Policy

Last updated: 4th May, 2020

As you may (or may not) have noticed, we don’t use display adverts here at Earth Unearthed. As the control we could have over these kinds of ads are limited, we decided to include affiliate links in our articles instead. This gives us a lot more control and means we can pick and choose who we want to work with and advertise on our site. While we’d love to be totally ad-free, we do need to monetise in order to keep the site running and help spread the word about becoming more eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable, and just generally saving the planet!

Who we work with

We handpick all of the affiliates we want to work with, ensuring that they comply with many of our strict rules. They have to be ethical, eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste or a combination of the above. You will never, ever see an Amazon link on our site! Instead, we work with companies such as Ethical Superstore, Green People, The Vegan Kind, Thought Clothing, Social Supermarket, and small ethical businesses too.

How affiliates work

When you click on an affiliate link in one of our articles, it will take you straight to the site or product we’re discussing. You won’t notice any difference and all prices, details, etc will remain the same as if you just clicked on a normal link. However, if you decide to purchase after clicking the link then we may receive a small amount of commission (anywhere from 1% to 20% usually) from the retailer. We then use this commission to help keep the site running and to continue spreading the word!

Please note, we’ll always feature a disclaimer in blogs that contain affiliate links. We will never promote anything we feel goes against our standards as a community. If you do feel as though one of the brands we advertise isn’t as green or ethical as they make out, please do let us know ASAP by emailing

Thank you for supporting us in spreading the word and helping save the planet!