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Awesome Alternatives to Leather That Will Step up Your Fashion Game

Do you love to stay on top of the fashion game? Do you love to mix up your outfits and try new styles? Well, we don’t blame you, you fashion superstar. The clothes you wear can really define your personality and your mood – but as anyone who has made a transition into the world of sustainable fashion will know, it’s been pretty hard to stay eco-friendly and stylish at the same time.

That’s because so many fashionable clothes are made from materials that aren’t sustainable in the modern world, and some are even made from animals! This has almost always been the case for leather, but it seems as though some new players have made their way into the game. Yes, these are the awesome alternatives to leather that will help you step up your fashion game…

Apple Leather 

If you’re a fan of apple juice, you’ve probably wondered what happens to the apples when they have nothing left in them. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are many companies in the world who are choosing not to waste them, but instead to make them into something fancy.

Yep, that’s exactly where apple leather comes from! Once the apple waste is recovered from the juicing factories, it’s then dehydrated before it can be ground into a fine flour-like substance. From there, it can be formed into a material that can work as a leather alternative. You wouldn’t even realise it if you saw it for yourself. 


When you think of leather made from animal hides, you normally think of a tough and hard-wearing material – despite the fact that many animals are harmed in the making of it. Because of this, you probably wouldn’t associate this kind of hard-wearing material with paper.

But what if we told you that recycled paper has been made into a leather-like substance? The end result is cartina, which is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, as it’s simply made from paper that’s chucked in recycling bins on a regular basis. When the Cartina is used in products, it really is hard to believe where it has come from. 

Waxed Cotton 

Organic cotton is one of the most popular choices of material for those who are looking to become more fashion conscious, but did you know that waxed cotton can actually serve as an alternative to leather? Many big-name brands have started using this much more within their collections…

And even Marc Jacobs himself has developed a deep and intense love for this material. What makes waxed cotton so popular is the fact that it looks just like leather, and that it’s also waterproof, extremely durable, and pretty cool to look at. 

Coffee Leather 

We know what you’re thinking. Coffee leather can’t really be made from leather, right? Well, it is! While most people can’t get enough of a cup of Joe in the morning, it seems as though you can now wear it on your body in so many different forms.

That’s because a German company has found a way to turn recycled coffee, coffee beans, and the stems of a coffee plant and turn them into a material that is extremely similar to the leather we know today. Wanna know the best bit? There’s a hint of a coffee smell on this material, which means that you can smell like freshly ground coffee all day…


There are so many plant-based leather alternatives out there, and Pinatex is another one of them. As you might be able to guess from the name, this material is actually derived from the pineapple bush. The bush is harvested after the fruits are picked, and the whole plant is then transformed into a wonderful material that can be forged into bags, shoes, and clothing.

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Not only does this mean that it’s 100% sustainable and eco-friendly, but it also gives pineapple farmers the chance to gain another avenue of income from their crops. With the fruits and the bush itself to sell, they are able to add more money to their pile. 

Cactus Leather 

Cactus leather is a relatively new addition to the game, but we have a feeling that it’s going to do pretty well for itself. This new invention was created by a company called Adriano Di Marti, who realised that they were able to use cacti to turn into a leather-like material.

Don’t worry, though, because the spikes are all removed before you wear it as a leather jacket. However, if you have ever touched the skin of a cactus, this decision might actually make sense. Due to the fact that it holds so much water, it’s actually rather waxy – just like leather! 

If you’re looking for vegan alternatives to leather, then you’ll be happy to know that there are so many out there. Which one will you try out first?

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