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These Are the Best Climate Change Documentaries to Watch Right Now

Climate change. The two words alone are enough to evoke all kinds of reactions in many. Whether you want to learn all about the changes happening across the globe or you want to discover what you can do to help, these are the best climate change documentaries to watch right now.

Our Planet is one of the best climate change documentaries to watch

Our Planet

Sir David Attenborough is a legend for many of us, right? He has taught thousands of us about the world and the beautiful creatures living among it all. However, ‘Our Planet’ takes a different turn. David’s typical nature shows teach us about the different habitats and animals that call them home. This documentary focuses on the environment and how ecosystems are being affected by climate change. One of the most memorable scenes from ‘Our Planet’ highlights how climate change has caused the ice to melt and left animals with fewer places to gather – all narrated by one of our favourite people.

Chasing Coral

Would you believe that coral reefs have more of an effect on our lives than we imagined? They are an essential part of the environment and even help stop severe flooding during extreme weather. Tragically, a combination of pollution, overfishing, warming temperatures, and other activities are causing the coral reefs to suffer. This is having a significant impact on the animals living in the ecosystem as well as the rest of the world. ‘Chasing Coral’ follows the effects of coral bleaching as well as what could happen if the problem continues to escalate.

Virunga is a climate change documentary that focuses on the protection of mountain gorillas


There are no scripts here. ‘Virunga’ follows the real lives of a team of rangers who all work together to try and protect the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world. The documentary is able to bring so many different aspects of the world together. ‘Virunga’ covers how climate change and humans have impacted the gorillas as well as how far the team is willing to go to keep this area of the world safe from others. Amazingly, the documentary team finds themselves caught in a conflict with a rebel group, further highlighting the importance of the rangers’ work.

Before the Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio is more than just an incredible actor; he is also a huge environmentalist that wants to do whatever he can to make a difference. In 2016, DiCaprio hosted and produced a documentary titled ‘Before the Flood.’ Here, he travels across the globe to talk to people who have already been affected by the rising temperatures, as well as the effects that it could soon have on the rest of us. While it does contain some pretty hard-hitting fact, DiCaprio has managed to put a positive spin on the information as he tries to inform people about the ways that we can help combat climate change.

The True Cost is a worrying insight into disposable fashion and is one of our favourite climate change documentaries

The True Cost

The fashion industry is something that many of us overlook, but it’s one of the leading contributors to climate change. ‘The True Cost’ delves headfirst into the industry. Of course, the documentary looks into human rights violations and how people are treated in factories, but that’s not all. The movie also follows the effects of disposable fashion, including the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills each year. Being a climate change documentary means that ‘The True Cost’ continues to shed light on the way these factories and manufacturing processes can harm the planet. Watching this could be enough to change the way you shop forever.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Farming is something that’s talked about time and time again when it comes to climate change. ‘Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret’ is brought to us by the same people that created ‘What the Health.’ Like the previous documentary, ‘Cowspiracy’ looks into the farming industry and how it affects climate change. Although the documentary is pretty vegan-focused as the team wants to showcase how a plant-based diet can help reduce greenhouse gases, it does help people learn about how to make more informed food choices.

Climate change is something that plagues most of us in our everyday lives. Checking out the best climate change documentaries that you can watch right now helps keep us informed and teaches us how we can help put a stop to it all. When you’re done with these, you’ll love our list of nature documentaries to binge on Netflix too!

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