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DIY Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Do you love spooky season? Well, you’re not alone. Halloween is arguably one of the best holidays of the year, and there’s no doubt about the fact that we love to go all out when it comes to creepy additions to our home. However, if you’re one of those people that hates the idea of buying single-use Halloween decorations or items that are laden with plastic and nasties, then you don’t need to worry. It’s super easy to make your own DIY Halloween decorations, and by repurposing old items you already have or just ditching a trip to the shop in favour of materials you have around the house, you can make sure that you’re wowing your neighbours with your eco-friendly Halloween decorations.

Head in a Jar 

I mean, what’s more creepy than real-life heads in a jar? No, we’re not telling you to stuff actual, human heads in some of the many mason jars you have scattered around your kitchen (phew), but you could use a picture of them instead. There’s a high chance that you already have some pictures lying around, but if you want to make these heads even spookier, you could pose as if your life quite literally depended on it and print these photos off at home. Once you’ve done this, simply laminate the photo, pop it in the jar, and fill it up with water. The end result is super effective – and super spooky.

Tattered Curtains 

Showing off your Halloween craftiness couldn’t be easier – and we’re pretty happy about that. If you want to adorn your windows with all kinds of spooky shenanigans but you don’t want to shell out a fortune on store-bought items, then all you need to do is search your house for some old fabric that you don’t need. Ideally these will be old curtains that you can potentially dye a spooky colour and cut into all kinds of strips to make the whole thing look tattered and torn. Not only will this look great from the outside, but it will also look extra creepy when you have all of your zombie friends round for your Halloween party. 

Egg Carton Bats 

If you’re the kind of family that goes through a huge number of eggs each week, there’s a high chance that you have countless egg cartons you don’t know what to do with. Sure, you could just pop them in your recycle bin – but what if you could make something awesome out of them instead? If you’re looking for the ultimate eco-friendly Halloween decoration that’s incredibly easy to make, then you could transform these egg cartons into hanging bats. All you need for this DIY project is a few egg cartons, black pens, old buttons, some googly eyes, and some string to hang them up with. It couldn’t be easier than that. 

Pumpkin Scarecrow 

There’s nothing better than decorating the outside of your house when spooky season comes around, is there? No, we thought tnot. While you can make super creepy decorations, if you’re looking for something a little more PG that won’t make the neighbourhood kids break down in tears, then this pumpkin scarecrow could do the job. Much of the materials needed for this eco-friendly Halloween decoration can be found in your home, as you can use old clothes and even the stuffing from old cushions that are way past their sell-by date. You can make yours a happy pumpkin, or you could make it a little scarier. The choice is yours. 

Scary Ghost 

You just have to have a ghost outside your house when it’s Halloween, right? That’s basically the law. Of course, there are many stores out there who will sell you ready-made ghosts that are ready to be stuck in your front garden, but you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to shell out your hard-earned money on that. Instead, you could make your Halloween decorations more sustainable by making them yourself and repurposing old white sheets. After all, that’s really all a ghost is made from. Once you have some old sheets you can cut them up, you can draw on them, and you can hang them outside however you like. 

Creepy Picture Frame Silhouette

If you’re not someone who loves cliche Halloween decorations, you’ll be happy to know that there are so many different craft options out there. If you want something a little more subtle, how does this creepy picture frame silhouette seem to you? For this DIY decoration, you don’t even need to buy a new frame. If you have another frame already in your house, simply turn the picture around and use the back for the time being. Then, cut out some old paper into some creepy shapes and colour everything black. You can have some serious fun with this – and we kinda want to see what designs you come up with. 

Mason Jar Pumpkin

Let’s be honest; you can’t have Halloween decorations without having a pumpkin involved. Yet, if you’re fed up of buying a real pumpkin every single year and then wasting the innards because you don’t like the taste of it (who does?), then you don’t need to worry. There’s no need to waste anything any longer, because you don’t even need to use a real pumpkin to create the awesome pumpkin effect. If your kitchen is overwhelmed with mason jars, you can use these lids to create the pumpkin shape instead. Simply paint them orange and add some fairy lights into the mix, and you may even love this eco-friendly Halloween decoration even more than a real pumpkin.

Tin Can Candy Buckets 

If you have kids that love to go trick or treating, you may find yourself rolling your eyes every time you head to the store and see plastic candy buckets lining the shelves. After all, these things get used once a year, and they just seem like such a waste of plastic. If you want to cut down on unnecessary waste, it might be an idea to make these tin can candy buckets instead. For starters, they are the coolest things we’ve ever seen in our lives, but they’re also a genius little invention. As long as you have some tin cans, some old T-shirts (or other material), and some googly eyes to hand, you can transform old cans of baked beans into creepy Halloween accessories in no time. 

Spooky Witch’s Kitchen 

If you’re planning an eco-friendly Halloween party, then you have probably been racking your brains trying to figure out how you can decorate your home without buying unnecessary single-use decorations. Well, it turns out that it’s pretty easy – and it all starts with this spooky witch’s kitchen. Whether you want to make Hemlock Tea or fill jars with eyeballs, you can transform old mason jars into something creepy using water, paper, and some string lights. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but this crafty guide gives you the lowdown of everything you need to bring this spooky kitchen to life. 

Candy Corn Garland 

Do you love Candy Corn? Is it something that you eat by the bucketful every single year? Boy, do we have the eco-friendly Halloween decoration for you. Instead of buying decorations that will simply go in the bin when this creepy Halloween is over, you could make a practical garland instead. For the sake of adorning your fireplace, you could attach your favourite candy to a long piece of string and drape them around your house. Then, you can eat them when you’re feeling a bit peckish. Not only does it look cool and save you buying unnecessary items, but it also tastes yummy as well. We’re totally into these yummy craft ideas. 

Dead Flowers 

Buying and making Halloween decorations can be pretty expensive, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be. If you’re looking for a cheap and creepy alternative to store-bought Halloween decorations, then you just need to head out into the garden. While many people sneer at dead flowers throughout most of the year, they actually work perfectly when Halloween comes around. After all, they look decrepit, they look droopy, and they look as though they would be in the hands of a zombie looking to terrorise the whole town. So, in short, they’re perfect for your eco-friendly Halloween decorations. 

Wine Bottle Candlesticks 

Sometimes just dimming the lights and illuminating your home or your porch with candles can instantly make things even creepier, so why not add some Halloween-inspired candles to your decoration process? Making your own Halloween candles doesn’t have to be difficult, as the only thing you really need to buy is some orange candles. Once you’ve got these in tow, simply paint some old wine bottles black, and stick your orange candles right in there. These would look perfect sitting in your window, standing next to your pumpkins, or just adorning your Halloween-inspired table dressings. 

Tin Can Ghosts 

Can’t get enough of ghosts when the spooky season comes around? We really don’t blame you. If you want to add more ghosts into your decorating activities but don’t really know how, then this eco-friendly ghost craft idea will certainly pickle your eyeballs. To bring this project to life – or to send it to the depths of hell, depending on how you want to view it – all you need are some old tin cans, some paint, and some old strips of fabric. You don’t have to go to the store, you don’t need to buy any more unnecessary items, and you can repurpose what you already have to ensure that everything is getting a new life. Well, not the ghosts, actually. 

Origami Pumpkin Lights 

String lights just make everything cuter and creepier, and that seems to be what most people want when they are decorating their house for Halloween. Thankfully, these DIY origami pumpkin lights tick both of those boxes, and you could always make them using recycled paper so you don’t have to worry about your impact on your environment. Once you’ve made the pumpkin shapes, you simply pop a bulb into each one and adorn your whole house. Of course, if you live in an area that’s prone to rain, you might want to keep these ones inside so they don’t become melted and mushy pumpkins. Unless that’s the vibe you’re going for. 

Halloween is the most wonderful (and spookiest) time of the year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still do your bit for the environment. If you’re conscious about your footprint and want to make some eco-friendly Halloween decorations, you’ll be happier that it’s now easier than ever. Plus, it’s so much cooler when you make them yourself rather than buy them from the shop, right?

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