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How Brands and Companies Are Investing in Eco-Friendly Marketing

You’ve gotta love the colour green, right? Nowadays, it seems as though everyone is trying to go green. More and more people are choosing to eat leaner and greener, travel lovers are embracing green travel options, and everything is being viewed with green-tinted glasses. While it often seems as though it’s only the little guys who are making these changes, it’s safe to say that this isn’t the case. Big brands and companies are embracing various green initiatives within their business, and one aspect of this is their eco-friendly marketing. These are the kind of changes that we see every single day but might not realise it. So, this is how big brands and companies are investing in eco-friendly marketing!

Using recycled paper and materials

Although you may not think so, big brands and companies go through a huge amount of paper every single year. While much of this is used in-house, they often use this paper within their marketing ventures. This may be through the leaflets and the flyers that they put through people’s doors, or it may be through the packaging that they use within their products.

A great example of this is Starbucks, who have created their iconic sleeve out of recycled material. While the fact that it’s recycled is great in itself, things get even better when you realise that it’s an epic form of marketing. After all, it’s these sleeves that hold the iconic green logo – complete with a cool mermaid. 

Making its way online

While more and more companies are opting to use recycled materials as part of their marketing strategies, it seems as though even more are ditching the materials altogether and making their way online instead. With social media reigning supreme in today’s day and age, more and more businesses are choosing to ditch any potential carbon footprint they make by making marketing goodies or advertising campaigns by just taking it all online. By doing this, they can not only promote a more sustainable practice of selling, but they can also reach a larger audience. We all know that most people spend a huge amount of time scrolling through the internet each day, so it makes sense, really. 

Creating a selling point 

One of the best ways to create a great eco-friendly marketing campaign – and for customers to be intrigued by a company or brand – is to create a selling point. While most companies do this within their business ethos and by what products they sell or what services they provide, it seems as though sustainable businesses are now looking to create another green selling point.

It may be that they decide to create products that are made wholly from sustainable materials, it may be that they choose to plant a tree for every 100 customers that buy something from their store, or it may be that they are attempting to make themselves carbon-neutral. As a customer, seeing a company so committed to sustainability will make people more likely to use them. 

Promoting local businesses

As you make your way around your local town or city, there’s a high chance that you are hit with the sight of countless lorries and trucks transporting goods across the globe. While this has been a part of our lives for decades, it seems as though companies are now making changes to their transportation – and it’s also forming part of their marketing campaigns.

After all, customers who are eco-conscious love to know that brands are making changes of their own to combat climate change and the environmental crisis, and promoting local businesses and using local vendors reduces the need for giant lorries to drive hundreds of miles. As if that wasn’t enough, consumers want to know that they are buying products that are sourced locally, or that they are utilising the work of those who live locally. 

While everyday people are making changes when it comes to the environment, it seems as though we’re not the only ones. These big brands and companies are also making some serious changes in the way that they market themselves, and we’ve gotta give them a round of applause. 

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