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This Is Why so Many People Are Buying Eco-Friendly Pet Food

Do you have a pet? Do you also love the environment and the wonderful planet that we live on? If you said “yes” to both of those questions, then consider yourselves our new best friend. Animals are a huge part of the natural order of this world, and there’s no doubt about the fact that pets also become part of our family. Most owners will spend a huge amount of money on their pets, and they will buy them everything from cages and beds to toys and food, because they want their pooches and their pussycats to be as happy as possible. After all, we’re not the only ones who live on this planet. Amazingly, there’s been a growing trend in the pet world over the past few years, and more and more people are now buying their furry friends’ eco-friendly pet food. 

“Human” pet food has a negative impact on the meat industry

Everyone has their own stance on the meat industry, and while there are some people who choose not to eat any, there are those who do. After all, everyone is on their own journey. Many pet owners also like to ensure that their pets are getting the protein their pet needs in their meat-filled pet food, and dogs and cats often eat the likes of fish and red meat.

However, as with the meat industry as a whole, the production of this meat negatively impacts the environment in terms of the land used, the fossil fuels it creates, and the pesticides that are involved. If you do want your pet to eat meat, consider using the offcuts of the meat that you would normally eat, such as offal. 

Eco-friendly food can be bought in bulk

Eco-friendly food normally involves dried food and isn’t quite as wet as some other meat-based pet foods. Because of this, dry food can be bought in bulk and help you out as a pet owner immensely. One of the main reasons for this is because it can last so much longer. While wet food has to be eaten with a certain amount of time and often goes mouldy even before your pet has had the chance to eat it, dry food can stay in the cupboard for months on end.

This means that you can buy a huge bag from the store and allow your pet to go through it as time goes by – meaning you have to take fewer trips to the shop and throw away less packaging. As if that wasn’t enough, dry and organic food can also cost you less in the long run. While it is often more expensive to buy eco-friendly food, the food itself is normally more nutritious, meaning your pet has to eat less of it than the environmentally-unfriendly food. What could be better than that?

The ingredients are more natural

Eco-friendly food is almost always organic and made with as few processes as possible. It focuses on natural food that does not require any pesticides or preservatives, and this ultimately allows for a healthier pet. After all, everyone wants to know that the ingredients they’re putting into their body – or that they are putting into their pet’s bodies – is as natural as possible.

This then allows pet owners to rest easy, knowing that their pet is not ingesting any nasties that could cause them any harm. In fact, some owners choose to go as eco-friendly as they possibly can and make their own pet food at home. There are many dog owners across the globe who feed their dogs lentils and rice, alongside some dry biscuits to ensure they are getting as many nutrients as possible. By doing this, they are cutting out their carbon footprint and not throwing away any more packaging than they normally would. 

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Eco-friendly pet food brands

There are plenty of eco-friendly pet food brands to choose from; some better known than others. Below are a selection of the most popular options from some of our favourite ethical stores, such as The Vegan Kind and Ethical Superstore:

If you have been toying with the idea of buying eco-friendly pet food, now could be the perfect chance to get involved in this organic revolution. What do you – or your pets – have to lose?

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