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The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020

If you could, would you drop everything right now and travel the globe with just your backpack and a camera for company? Well, it seems as though there’s something holding many people back from doing so. While aspiring nomads often assume that travelling thousands of miles, flying across the globe, using all forms of transport, and amassing what seems like a much larger carbon footprint is detrimental to our wonderful planet, that isn’t necessarily the case. Sustainable travel is completely redefining travel as we know it, and we’re thankful to have a whole host of eco-friendly travel blogs paving the way and teaching us the ropes in 2020. These guys are pretty amazing, right?

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Every Steph

When you think of eco-friendly travel, you might immediately think of basic travel that’s devoid of any kind of luxury. Well, Stefania is here to stop that train of thought right in its tracks!

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Every Steph
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As the woman behind the Every Steph magic, this self-confessed Italian coffee addict is committed to showing her followers that eco-luxury adventures are alive and kicking. As she travels across the globe she stays in eco-friendly resorts, she uses alternative public transportation to reduce her air miles, and she even heads off into the wild to embrace animals and nature. 

The Uprooted Rose 

Rose from The Uprooted Rose is all about exploring as much as this wonderful planet as possible, while also leaving a positive impact on the places she sees and the people she meets along the way.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - The Uprooted Rose
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As someone who is incredibly conscious of the negative impact that other travellers have on the world, Rose not only tells you how to travel sustainably, but she also advises you on where to avoid in order to preserve it as much as possible. It’s this kind of honesty that helps budding eco-friendly travellers get off on the right foot and start their journey with the environment in mind. 

Small Footprints, Big Adventures 

Small Footprints, Big Adventures is a blog that you just don’t want to miss out on – especially if you have a family! Steered at the helm by mum-of-two Emma, this blog follows her journey as she and her husband Anthony take their children across the globe and live as sustainably as possible.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Small Footprints, Big Adventures
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While they may leave small footprints with the measures that they take, they are still able to embark on big adventures as a family. Thankfully, they have kindly agreed to take us along for the educational and truly inspiring ride with them. Thanks, guys!

The Vegan Travel Guide 

With veganism becoming one of the biggest lifestyle changes of the decade, it’s no wonder that The Vegan Travel Guide has been able to amass a huge number of followers! While the 50 ambassadors who work on this blog largely focus on the beauty of the food itself, it also focuses on the delicious location of these foods.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - The Vegan Travel Guide
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Along with how travellers can eat sustainably and eat confidently in the notion that their food does not contain animal products and is completely local at the same time. We have no doubts that they’ll leave your belly full and your planet happy. This is one of the best eco-friendly travel blogs for foodies!

Ashley Renne 

Because everyone needs to try and save the bees, right? Ashley Renne uses her Travel Lushes blog to show everyone that they can “Live an adventurously green life” – and that probably sounds right up your street.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Ashley Renne
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As Ashley travels across the globe, she shares her tips on eating vegan, buying and wearing sustainable fashion, and introducing smart technology into the home and on the road to make her life even more eco-friendly. As well as sharing her knowledge on her blog, Ashley also has a Youtube channel where she vlogs her adventures and her green choices. 

Justin Plus Lauren

Canadian couple Justin and Lauren are the travel-addicted owners of the Justin Plus Lauren blog, and their sole purpose in life is to ensure that they are embarking on “Kind travel.”

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Justin Plus Lauren
Image source

Whether they go solo for a new adventure or stick together, they are constantly making the most of the natural world and exploring what Mother Nature has to offer. Within their blog, they focus on sustainable changes you can make to your travelling adventures, and how they make use of these eco-friendly decisions when they are exploring the planet. 

Two Dusty Travellers 

If you’re wondering who the Two Dusty Travellers are, well, they’re Emily and Aaron! As ardent explorers, they set up their ever-growing corner of the internet to promote their ethical travels around the world – with a definite focus on off-the-beaten-path adventures.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Two Dusty Travellers
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They travel the world with a plan to avoid any harm or damage to the places or the people that they meet, and it’s safe to say that they do this pretty well. They showcase their own ethical decisions, but they also help others plan new eco-friendly adventures with their tips and tricks of the trade. 

Miss Filatelista 

Lola Méndez, who goes by the moniker of Miss Filatelista, is certainly the coolest stamp-collector around, and her blog is a true testament to that. Mixing responsible travel with eco-luxury, Lola shows her fans and followers that responsible travel doesn’t have to be difficult.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Miss Filatelista
Image source

In fact, she asks them to take part in her very own “Responsible Travel Challenge,” where she showcases her own knowledge and inspires them to use it as they travel the globe. By doing this, she hopes that tourists will stop using single-use plastic, wear ethical clothing, and respect the local people during their adventure. 

Spin the Windrose 

As someone who lives and breathes a sustainable lifestyle, it’s fair to say that Spin the Windrose’s very own Abbi is definitely up for the challenge of teaching those who are either new to the eco-travel game, or those who just want to keep up to date with it.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Spin the Windrose
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After setting off on what was only supposed to be a three-week travelling adventure, Abbi soon realized that she had caught the travelling bug – so she’s been wandering ever since! In an effort to reduce her impact on the environment, Abbi shares her knowledge with her fans and followers in an attempt to make the world more environmentally conscious.

Soul Travel 

Ellie and Ravi are the dynamic duo that makes up the Soul Travel team, and their objective is to show people a way of travelling that connects you to yourself, and also to the rest of the world.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Soul Travel
Image source

They focus on mindful travel that’s good for your own mind, but travel that will also have a positive effect on the people and places you meet along the way. They have been sharing their stories for years now, and some even say that they have the best tips on eco-resorts in the business! Soul Travel is one of the best eco-friendly travel blogs combining heart, soul, mind and travel!

Silly Little Kiwi 

With a name like Silly Little Kiwi, why wouldn’t you want to follow this lovely lady’s journey? The silly little one herself is Tara, who was captured by the beauty of the world when she studied abroad in New Zealand.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Silly Little Kiwi
Image source

Since then, she has dedicated herself to seeing as much of this wonderful planet as she possibly can – while not ruining it in her wake. Her personal travel philosophy focuses on “Slow, responsible, adventure travel” that’s also pretty fun at the same time. If she can inspire others to travel in an eco-friendly fashion, she would be one happy little kiwi.  

Green Suitcase Travel 

They always say that a few heads are better than one, and it seems as though Green Suitcase Travel has got this nailed. As a collection of travellers and influencers working together to make a difference, their main aim is to not only give advice on how to embrace an eco-friendly travelling adventure but also to help them plan their trip from start to finish.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Green Suitcase Travel
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The blog itself goes into detail about specific places and destinations, but it also expands outside of the travelling world. Sustainable Christmas gifts for travellers, anyone? This is one of those eco-friendly travel blogs that really does have it all!


As a self-confessed sustainaholic, we’re confident that Linda is the perfect person to bring sustainable travel to the masses. While she has since branched out to embrace the lifestyle of sustainability and the ways that people can embrace eco-friendly living in every aspect of their existence, her main focus has always been on travel.

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Verdemode
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From tips on ethical fashion that would be perfect for your travelling adventures to exploring wonderful destinations by bike, Linda certainly knows her stuff. After all, she’s been travelling with an eco-friendly focus for much of her life. 

Charlie On Travel 

Conscious of their impact on the planet, Charlie and Luke are on a mission to become as responsible as they can be with their adventures – and they want you to come along with them!

The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Charlie on Travel
Image source

As keen lovers of the natural world and wildlife, they regularly make their way to far-off places on this planet where they can work with the community and stay in eco-friendly accommodation. After a long day of exploring, they love nothing more than eating local cuisine and understanding how travelling can impact the planet as a whole. These guys rock. 

You probably don’t need us to tell you again, but these bloggers are behind the best eco-friendly travel blogs to follow in 2020. Why not, ey? 2020 is the year that everyone across the globe is going to become more conscious of their footprint – but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop your travelling altogether. These guys will show you how small changes can make a huge difference. 

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