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The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Companies the World Has to Offer

Many people believe that living an eco-friendly lifestyle means that they can’t leave their hometown or city in search of pastures new. After all, travelling puts a huge strain on the world and the environment as a whole, right? Well, while there’s no doubt about the fact that flying every single week will impact your carbon footprint, that doesn’t mean that you can’t travel the world and see what Mother Nature has to offer every now and then. More and more travel companies are realising that travel can have a negative impact on the world, so they have now changed their tune and offer eco-friendly alternatives to everyday holidays and tours. Don’t believe us? Check out these eco-friendly travel companies and see for yourself. 


Ecocompanion wants to be your eco-friendly companion as you travel the world and experience the delights that Planet Earth has to offer – and they do a pretty good job of it, too. One of the best things about this travel company is that you can create your very own tailor-made experience that takes you from rainforest research in Costa Rica to snorkeling and marine conservation in Indonesia. There are so many options, and while you can choose to just stay in an eco-lodge and enjoy the natural beauty of this planet, they also offer countless conservation projects across the globe that are just waiting for you to get involved in. 


Many people believe that eco-travel involves staying in cold tents, sleeping on hard floors, and washing in dirty rivers – but that isn’t the case at all. In fact, AndBeyond makes sure that people can travel responsibly while also enjoying the finer things in life. This company prides itself on being a sustainable safari tour operator, and they offer tours in Africa, Asia, and South America. They built their business based on the notion that they would always care for the land, wildlife, and the people who live in the areas they offer, and they always give back. While they offer luxury safari lodges, they also ensure that the local area has things like electrical micro-grids – which means that they don’t have to use generators. 

Intrepid Travel 

There’s a high chance that you’re familiar with Intrepid Travel, because this is one of the most famous eco-friendly travel companies in the world – and that’s because it’s been around for decades! Focusing on sustainable travel and eco-friendly travelling opportunities, this company can team you up with local guides and companies in the destinations of your choice. These all have great insider knowledge, and they also have great links to conservation efforts and projects. With this in mind, the money you pay this company will go towards smaller and independent locals who can use the money to build up their homes and maintain their own livelihoods. What could be better than that?

Responsible Travel 

You probably don’t need to be a genius to know that the Responsible Travel company is all about offering its customers responsible travel. After all, it kinda does what it says on the tin. This travel company has been in business since 2001, and they have dedicated their whole existence to eco-friendly travel that allows people to see and experience what the world has to offer while also giving back to Mother Nature and the creatures that live on this planet. They offer destinations across the globe, and many of them feature carbon-neutral options such as cycling, hiking, and kayaking. Alongside this, they also ensure that they partner with local businesses and tour guides so that the money spent on these once-in-a-lifetime experiences can go to the people who really need it. 


There are now countless sustainable travel companies out there, but Kynder is one of our favourites – and that’s largely because they focus on travellers being as kind as possible to the natural world, its surroundings, the people who live on it. This travel company not only brings together hotels that are ethical and sustainable across the United States and Europe, but they have also put together suggestions for restaurants, cafes, and bars that should definitely be on your bucket list. These places normally focus on locality and sustainable products and services, and those that give back to the local community. After all, that’s what travel is all about, right? 

If you’re looking to get involved in the eco-friendly travel world, then you’ll be happy to know that there are so many sustainable travel companies that want to help you along the way. These eco-friendly travel companies will do everything to help you and the wonderful world that we live in, which means that you can travel without guilt. 

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