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The Best Eco-Friendly Wellness Blogs to Follow in 2020

Becoming eco-friendly and learning how to live a life filled with wellness and happiness might sound overwhelming, but you’re not alone. In fact, there are plenty of others out there who want to share their stories and help others, too. These are the best eco-friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 to help kick the new year off on a strong start.

The Minimalists

Ryan and Joshua are the brains behind The Minimalists, and they have helped millions of people since launching the site in 2010. They aim to show the world that there is more to minimalism than decluttering.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - The Minimalists

It’s about making more room for everything else in your life and welcoming eco-friendly ideas that can give back to the planet and refresh your mind. The pair believe that by making more space for things in your world, you can focus on more contribution, more experiences, and more creativity.

The Balanced Life with Robin Long

Sometimes, we all need a reminder or two about how to balance our lives. Robin Long strives to do just that through her blog, The Balanced Life. She has created exercise plans using barre workouts – an exercise that uses ballet moves – and pilates.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - The Balanced Life With Robin Long

They have all been designed to suit busy mums and can be followed along at home. That’s not all. Robin also shares a host of delicious recipes and tips to help us live the best eco-friendly life we could imagine. Robin’s a woman of many talents!

Be Healthy Now

Petra is the face behind Be Healthy Now, one of the best UK-based wellness blogs out there today. Here, Petra shares her recipes and ideas about how to live as healthy as possible in all aspects of your life. This includes natural living and how to avoid pollution.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - Be Healthy Now

However, Petra also tried to teach others about how to avoid everyday toxins in the world and how to choose organic products and produce. As if that wasn’t enough, Be Healthy Now also has plenty of posts about how to bring positivity to your mental health.


This website aims to help people think about the way they live their lives, move, and the things that we eat. Thankfully, there is plenty of advice about how we can all make small changes that could have huge impacts on our wellness and the world around us.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - mindbodygreen

There are plenty of sections within mindbodygreen that cover everything from lifestyle to the planet and just about everything in between. There’s even a section that covers all the latest wellness trends that could shape our lives.


Perhaps you need a little helping hand about how to start your wellness journey? Maybe you want to expand your repertoire? Whatever the case, Sonima has something to help. There is a huge section dedicated to yoga.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - Sonima

This covers everything from how to perform certain poses to how to start yoga and guided tutorials. There is also plenty of information about meditation as well as how to incorporate fitness and nutrition into your everyday life. Whatever you need, Sonima appears to have you covered.

Mentality WOD

Dawn Fletcher has been working within the fitness industry for 14 years. Now, she wants to share her knowledge with the rest of the world – and she’s quickly gaining a lot of attention. In fact, Mentality WOD has earned the title as one of the Most Influential Health Bloggers… And is one of the best wellness blogs to boot!

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - Mentality WOD

That’s certainly something to write home about. Dawn has filled the site with plenty of exercise ideas. This includes posts about staying motivated and how to keep active when you’re injured to help keep our minds healthy.

Pick the Brain

Self-improvement, health, productivity, and motivation all come as a part of the package with Pick the Brain. The blog is run by Erin Falconer, who wants what she delivers to be far more than a self-help site.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - Pick the Brain

Erin wants Pick the Brain to cover anything that can help us improve our lives, including how to live harmoniously alongside the planet. Some of the topics covered include how to manage your stress, learning how to keep motivated, and the effects that our lifestyles can have on our wellness.


When it comes to wellness, Well+Good has covered it all. It was launched by Melisse and Alexia, who noticed a shift in the way that we are living back in 2010. All of a sudden, people wanted to make sure they were doing the best for their mind, body, and soul. So Well+Good are here to help!

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - Well+Good

Not only does Well+Good help teach us about ways that we can alter our everyday lives, but the site is also filled with exo-friendly recipes with plenty of vegan options sprinkled in for good measure. It’s one of the best wellness blogs out there for a reason!

Fitting It All In

Fitting It All In is a wellness blog with a difference. It was started by Clare, who has battled and bravely shared her battle with an eating disorder. Now, Clare is a qualified yoga teacher and holistic health coach who wants to share her knowledge.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - Fitting it all in

Fitting It All In was named thanks to the long list of things that Clare fits into her life all at once. Alongside her yoga and workout routines, Clare also shares a host of healthy recipes and vegetarian options to help fuel your life.

Healthy Living by Huffington Post

Many of us have heard of Huffington Post. Would you believe the site also has an entire section dedicated to healthy living? Aptly named Healthy Living, the site includes posts about every aspect of our lives.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - Healthy Living by Huffington Post

Mental health, exercise, and general wellbeing are all covered in various ways. Amazingly, Healthy Living also launched the ‘You Should See Someone’ campaign to help people looking to start therapy and guiding them through the process. Mental wellbeing is a strong aspect throughout most of their posts.


Greatist covers a wide variety of topics all related to wellness. These include articles about workouts – complete with videos – beauty, fitness, and food. That’s just the beginning, as a lot of the topics come back around to how we can help the environment.

The best eco friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 - Greatist

Greatist knows that it can be tough to make eco-friendly choices, but the site has ideas that most of us can slot into our lives. To top it off, Greatist covers topics that some other sites prefer to avoid.

Health and wellness go hand in hand. Now, we can add our love for the environment into the mix, too. It turns out that we’re not alone on our journey to becoming the best, healthiest version of ourselves while trying to look after the planet. The best eco-friendly wellness blogs to follow in 2020 help give us all the motivation that we need.

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