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Smart Environmentally Friendly Ways to Stay Healthy

Everyone wants to stay healthy, right? After all, health is wealth! While everyone has their own idea of what it means to be healthy, there’s no doubt about the fact that these unique ideas intermingle in some way. They might involve exercise, they might involve eating right, and they might even involve your work and your downtime. If you’re someone who not only cares about your own health but also the health of the wonderful planet we call Earth, you’ll be happy to know that you can have your vegan cake and eat it, too. Yes, these are the smart environmentally friendly ways to stay healthy. 

Invest in reusable items 

We live in a world where you can throw something away and pick up the exact same item just a few hours later, and this has created a throwaway culture that is extremely damaging for the environment. This is especially true when it comes to plastic bottles and clothing, but you don’t have to join the hype.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to invest in reusable items, such as a reusable water bottle. Not only do we have to stay hydrated with the sweet, sweet H20 to be as healthy as possible, but we also have to acknowledge our impact on the world. With a reusable water bottle, your impact decreases every single day. Go you!

Head to the farm shop 

Hands up if you buy all of your fruit from a large supermarket nearby? Well, you’re not alone. While there are certain measures you can take to become more ecologically-friendly if you do buy at the supermarket – such as ditching the plastic bags and choosing items that aren’t over-packaged – why not give your local farm shop a go? These shops normally sell their own produce that has been grown at their very own farm, which means that it’s not only local but has also been grown organically and without the inclusion of pesticides. Alongside the fact that you’re keeping local people in business, this move can help you rest easy knowing that your food is as fresh and as healthy as possible. 

Embrace your garden 

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, it’s time to make use of it! Yes, embrace the fresh air, embrace the wildlife, and embrace the fact that you are doing your bit to make the world a better place. Although you don’t have to let your green fingers go wild when it comes to your garden, adding a little flower garden into the mix will certainly improve your health.

Not only will it help you to de-stress, but it will also get you out in the fresh air and moving with the winds. The positives don’t end there, though. By planting this flower garden, you can also encourage wildlife such as bees to your home – and we all know how important bees are.

Switch up your commute

How do you get to work? Do you drive? Do you catch the train? If you use your own car or use public transport, why not switch things up a bit? If you want to become more environmentally friendly, you might want to ditch the things that are harming the environment – such as the CO2 emissions from your car.

Of course, not everyone would be able to do this, but if you do only drive ten minutes down the road each way, why not switch out your car for a bicycle instead? You could even walk if you wanted to! By making this small change, you will add more exercise to your lifestyle, while also ensuring the survival of the planet. 

Humans being healthy sits hand in hand with the planet being healthy, and you’ll be happy to know that there are certain measures that you can take to ensure that this stays that way. 

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