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Ethical New Year’s Resolutions to Make for 2020

We have reached another new year, and it’s around this time that people set out their resolutions. People often try to improve something in their own lives, like exercising more or eating healthier. There are also ethical new year’s resolutions you can make that will impact the world, as well as making yourself feel better.

Reduce single-use plastics

It feels practically impossible to take a trip to the supermarket and come back without at least one piece of single-use plastic. We are beginning to fully understand the devastating effect plastics are having on our oceans, so why not try to reduce how much plastic you buy? There are several companies out there who will refill many of the products we buy in the supermarket, like cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Ethical new year's resolutions - Reduce single-use plastics

You could consider getting your milk from a milkman, like the good old days when they came in glass bottles. Once you’ve finished your milk, the milkman will take the bottles back, clean them and use them again. Another way to reduce single-use plastics is to buy a reusable coffee cup instead of getting a throwaway one every time you visit a cafe. Say no to straws by either refusing them in restaurants and bars, or bring your own that can be easily cleaned when finished with.

Get thrifty

The fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to ethics, but there is a way to stop buying into it. Try buying second-hand clothes to reduce the power that fashion labels with questionable ethics have in the world. The reason fast fashion has become so popular is because there is a market for it. With fewer people buying into it, the fashion labels will have to reconsider the way they do business.

Cut out palm oil

While it might have been panned by the Advertising Standards Authority in 2018, Iceland’s Christmas advert that year had an impact. It showed the devastating effect the palm oil industry is having on the habitats of orangutans, and it’s something you can cut out of your life.

Ethical new year's resolutions - Cut out palm oil

Check the ingredients of everything you buy, and you’ll be amazed to see just how palm oil is in just about everything. By switching to palm oil-free options, we can reduce that industry’s influence on our products and help save the orangutan’s ecosystems.

Try Veganuary

People are more conscious than ever about the impact their diet has on the environment. If you have been thinking about giving veganism a go, then why not try Veganuary? It’s just 31 days committing to eating a vegan lifestyle, and at the end of it you might even feel much better for it. Not just in your mind for reducing animal cruelty, but also health-wise many people say they feel a benefit in switching to a vegan lifestyle. This is one of those ethical new year’s resolutions that you might just stick at…

Make a haven for wildlife

Animal species all over the world are struggling to deal with the ever-changing climate, including those right on our doorsteps. Many animals in the United Kingdom, like hedgehogs, bats, butterflies and birds, are struggling as their habitats are taken away. We can do something to help these little creatures though, and it doesn’t take much to create a safe haven in our own gardens.

Ethical new year's resolutions - Make a haven for wildlife

Consider making a hedgehog house for your garden to give them somewhere safe to stay, rather than having to cross dangerous roads often. Other ways to help local wildlife include: not tidying up the leaves in your garden, buying bird boxes and adding a hedge or two, or some late-flowering plants.

Go public

It might take twice as long, but ditching your car for public transport, or even walking, is a way to reduce your carbon footprint. Taking the bus or train can take the number of cars off the roads, while walking obviously reduces these emissions further. By traveling on public transport or walking, you can take some time to yourself and listen to a podcast or audiobook that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to concentrate on.

New year’s resolutions don’t always have to be about trying to lose weight or saving money. You can help out the world by making some ethical new year’s resolutions instead, and look back on 2020 with great pride for the difference that you make.

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