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Famous Cosmetics Brands You Didn’t Know Were Vegan

Whether you’re committed to a fully eco-friendly lifestyle or whether you just want to make a few conscious changes here and there, your makeup is one of the best places to start. After all, who doesn’t love makeup? This war-paint can make us feel like we can take on the world – which, of course, is definitely in our master plan – and it can make us feel more confident than we have ever felt in our lives. However, it can be daunting knowing that some of your favourite cosmetics brands don’t abide by the cruelty-free or vegan rule book, and it can often feel as though you have to ditch all of the brands you once loved to showcase your adoration for the planet. Well, we’re here to tell you that that isn’t the case. These famous cosmetics brands are either completely vegan or have a wide range of vegan products to their name, so you don’t have to go eyeshadow-less for too long. Don’t worry; you can thank us later…

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E.L.F Cosmetics

If part of your desire to live more sustainably is to stop shelling out huge amounts of your hard-earned money on things rather than experiences, then you’ve come to the right place. E.L.F Cosmetics is one of the most affordable cosmetics brands out there, and you’ll be happy to know that the whole brand is as vegan and cruelty-free as they come.

With a love of muted tones that really make your own natural beauty pop, this brand offers customers everything from primers to beautiful blushes. In answer to your question, yes, you can buy the whole collection if you want to. We don’t judge. 


If you like to spend your days browsing through PETA and learning which brands are joining the vegan revolution, you might know that Inika has been one of the main players for many years. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and they pride themselves on products that don’t harm the planet in any way.

Thankfully, these products still work like a dream whether you want to just perfect a natural look or live by the notion that you should either go bold or go home. There’s everything from concealer to super-pigmented lipsticks that will give your lips the pop they really deserve. Go on, treat yourself. 

Urban Decay

You have to love a beauty brand that is doing everything they can to change their ways, so kudos to Urban Decay on this one. While they are 100% cruelty-free, they have been pretty transparent about their efforts to transform themselves into a completely vegan brand over the years.

While they have certified many of their own products as vegan, there are others that haven’t quite cut the mustard just yet. However, the brand notes on their website that they are fully committed to finding plant-based alternatives to the non-vegan ingredients in their products, so watch this space. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Everyone knows Anastasia Beverly Hills is, right? As a firm favourite of beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and more, this brand has quickly taken over the world as one of the best in the business.

Famous for their ability to turn even the most lacklustre of brow into something truly magical, there’s no doubt about the fact that this brand has oodles of products for people to try out. The best part? Everything is cruelty-free, and a large number of their products are also completely vegan. Just watch out for the little sneakers that have honey or beeswax in them…


One of the many things we love about Colourpop is the fact that you can create your own eyeshadow palette. I mean, who doesn’t want that. This beauty brand has taken the world by storm over the past few years, and their commitment to creating products that are authentic and affordable gives them major brownie points.

Another reason we love these guys is that they are committed to giving the people what they want – especially if this involves vegan products. Almost all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free, but there are still a handful of products that they still have to work on. You can do it, Colourpop!

Kylie Cosmetics

Whether you love her or would rather not keep up with her and her family, it’s fair to say that Kylie Jenner is kind of a big deal. After starting her makeup brand when she was just a teenager, she has since transformed it into a million-dollar brand and whipped up all kinds of products that fans seem to eat up.

With her bold lip kits and the themed releases that seem to link to her famous family, it’s no wonder that she’s become the world’s first self-made billionaire. Although there are some products in her line that aren’t vegan, a large majority of them are, and they are all cruelty-free!

Kat Von D

If you’re familiar with Kat Von D, then you’re probably not surprised to see her cosmetics brand on this list. After all, the burlesque dancer and absolute queen makes no secret of the fact that she is a hardcore vegan, and there is no way that she would create a brand that wouldn’t follow her own ethos.

Although there was a time where her brand was a work-in-progress and she was working hard to ensure that every single product on her site was vegan and cruelty-free, that work has now been done. This means that everything you see on the website is all gravy, baby. 


Even though there are some brands on this list that aren’t 100% vegan, we have to give them credit for trying to make a difference – because it’s the small changes that really matter. So, let’s give a round of applause to Hourglass, who are slowly but surely transforming their brand into one that is vegan-friendly.

All of their products are completely cruelty-free at the moment, and they even have a wide range of vegan products that are ready and raring to make a difference in your life. Of course, there are still some products that aren’t vegan, but all you have to do is steer clear of them. It’s pretty simple. 

Barry M

Let’s be honest; you’ve probably got a few Barry M products in your makeup bag. That’s because these guys know exactly what they’re doing in the makeup world, and they have created a huge number of amazing products over the years.

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While they’re not completely perfect just yet, you’ll be happy to know that all of the Barry M products on the shelves are completely vegetarian, and 97% vegan. They’re working to better the other 3%, because they know how much sustainable and eco-friendly products mean to their customers. You can shop their vegan range from The Vegan Kind, too.

Lime Crime

I mean, can you even? Lime Crime is the perfect makeup brand for those who really want to stand out of the crowd. While they do offer everyday colours to ensure that you look and feel confident at all hours of the day, they also offer some of the brightest and most glittery products that you have ever seen.

Trust us on this one. Known for their iconic rainbow palettes, it’s Lime Crime’s mission to make everyone look and feel like a unicorn, and there’s no doubt about the fact that we’re down for that. As if you couldn’t be more in love with this brand if you tried, they are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Yep, you might need your sunglasses for this one. Jeffree Star is one of the coolest cats in the makeup business, and since becoming a famous YouTube star he has also branched out to create his own brand of cosmetics. In true Jeffree form, the colours are bright, bold, and ridiculously beautiful, and they will certainly catch your eye.

Thankfully, Jeffree is also a keen lover of the planet and all of the beings that call it their home, which is why he has made sure that every single product that he has made is completely vegan and cruelty-free. Can we get a heck yes? Thank you for your cooperation.

Liz Earle

Although this brand is largely known for its skincare range, did you know that Liz Earle also creates their own makeup? Well, you do now! Liz Earle focuses on your natural body and enhancing that body to the best of your ability, which is why they’ve made their way onto this list.

Sure, all of the beauty products are 100% cruelty-free, but they’re not 100% vegan just yet. A small portion of their products do contain the likes of manuka honey, beeswax, and propolis, but that’s where their animal-derived ingredients end. Of course, they’re always looking for other ways to enhance their products and are looking to becoming completely vegan in the future. 

Charlotte Tilbury

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for most of your life, you’ll probably know that Charlotte Tilbury is one of the biggest makeup brands in the United Kingdom. As a firm favourite of influencers and celebrities, it seems as though everyone wants a piece of the brand.

What makes Charlotte and her work even more enticing is the fact that many of their products are vegan – but not all of them. Yes, we’re gonna have to put ol’ Charlotte into a bit of a grey area with this one, because there are still some products in her repertoire that aren’t there just yet. Any change is good change though, right?

If you’re looking to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle but can’t live without your cosmetics, you’ll be happy to know that you can still have one alongside the other. These vegan cosmetics brands will quickly become your new best friends. 

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