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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Date

Ahhh, love. It’s a many splendoured thing. It’s all around us. It changes everything, right? Okay, we promise we’ll come up with something a little more original than cheesy love song lyrics from now on. In all seriousness, though, we LOVE love. We also love the planet, though, and sometimes chopping down perfectly healthy roses for them to die a few days later, and buying love heart balloons that eventually just go in the bin just doesn’t cut it when you want to go green. Don’t get your knickers in a twist though (not yet, anyway), as it’s super easy to plan an eco-friendly date with the love of your life, your crush, your dating app blind date, or your BFF. 

Pick Your Outfit 

Wear sustainable clothing for your eco-friendly date

First impressions count, right? If you want to showcase the fact that you’re a fun-loving individual with a slightly salty personality if things don’t go your way, why not opt for an olive costume? If you want them to know what they’re getting into straight away, i.e the fact that you rarely leave your house, then how about your coolest Toy Story pyjamas? (For your date to take you to infinity and beyond, of course). If you’re not into those awesome ideas and want to wear something a little more normal, then it’s best to make sure that you’re wearing sustainable clothing for your sustainable date. Avoid fast fashion brands, and try to avoid buying a whole new outfit. We know it’s totally tempting, but you already have a tonne of clothes in your wardrobe. You really don’t need anything new. Trust us on this one. Reuse and recycle what you already own, or if you’re really desperate, why don’t you rent a new outfit for the night?

Choose Your Location

Choose an eco-friendly location for your eco-friendly date

Planning an eco-friendly first date normally consists of more than just sitting in your underwear watching David Attenborough documentaries – but we are totally cool with you planning that for your third date. Who doesn’t get all fired up listening to ol’ Dave’s voice, anyway? Yep, it’s always good to get out of the house and meet your date in a neutral environment where there’s no pressure and where you’re both taken somewhat out of your comfort zone. That doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable, though. There are so many amazing eco-friendly date locations that you can choose from, and you could choose anything from your local park for a zero-waste picnic, a walk around some of the best second-hand bookshops in your city, or even a trip to an animal sanctuary! If you can, try to stick to something close by so you don’t have to rely too much on driving or public transport. 

Try Some New Food

Go to a vegan restaurant on your eco-friendly date

Let’s be honest; no date would be complete without some food. If you can bond over a delicious dessert together, you know that you’ve basically found your match. Of course, if you want to plan an eco-friendly date, you should probably put some real thought into what you want to eat – and where you want to eat. Perhaps one of the best ways to go green is to cut down on your meat consumption, eat vegetarian or vegan food, or opt for everything organic. There are no rules and we won’t publicly slander you for not doing so (phew), but at least go with something a little more ethical than your average chain restaurant, pretty please? Whether you want to head to your local vegan eatery or a cosy little pub that only specialises in local ingredients, you can cut your carbon footprint while also falling in love (or lust, we don’t judge here) over some lemon tart. 

Give the Gift of Love 

Give artisan chocolates on your eco-friendly date

Nobody gives to receive, but it’s certainly a great way to round off your date, right? No we’re not talking about that kind of giving and receiving, you dirty dog. When your grandparents used to court and used to sneak off for slow dances in their local town hall, they would probably give each other adorable little gifts to show their affection – but this has transformed into a mass market over the years. As we all know, mass-produced items aren’t great for the environment, which is why you should opt for eco-friendly gifts instead. If you’re looking for the perfect green gift for your date, why not pick up some local, artisan chocolates? Or what about some organic, local flowers that haven’t been sprayed with every pesticide under the sun? If you’re feeling really cheeky, you could even make your own massage oil…

Planning an eco-friendly date doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s now easier than ever to stay eco-conscious when looking for luuuurve, and if you don’t find it, at least you know that you’ve done your bit to save the planet. You can save love for another day, after all. 

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