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These Amazing Photos Show That the Natural World Is Thriving During Lockdown

With the world at a standstill, it’s hard to see this strange and unusual time in a positive light. After all, nobody likes staying in their houses for weeks on end, nobody likes being away from their family and friends, and nobody likes being denied the chance to travel. However, it seems as though there is something wonderful to come out of worldwide lockdown. While humans are hunkered down in their homes and steering clear of the rest of the world, nature is thriving. The ozone layer is repairing itself, animals we haven’t seen in decades are reappearing, and they are claiming the natural world as their own. That’s pretty awesome, right? Well, not as awesome as these amazing photos. 

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Mountain goats have taken over a town in Wales

As you can probably tell by the name of these goats, mountain goats normally reside high up in the mountains where they can go about their daily lives and wait to be sheared by their farmers. However, it seems as though things are changing for the mountain goats of Llandudno, Wales, since lockdown as these guys are now exploring the world around them – and those who live in this Welsh town just love to see it.

Without humans making their way along the streets in their cars and on their bicycles, these goats have been given free reign, and it seems as though they are loving every second of it. Should we be renaming these guys the shopaholic goats?

The canals in Venice are crystal clear 

Let’s be honest; Venice is one of the most popular destinations that this planet has to offer, and it’s not hard to see why. With incredible architecture and delicious food, this floating city is known for its impressive canals and waterways.

Anyone who has been to Venice before will know that this water is normally murky and brown, not only due to the rubbish that makes its way into the water because of the masses of tourists but also because of the mud and sediment that gondola oars bring to the surface. Yet, with Venice in lockdown and gondolas parked firmly in their aquatic parking bays, the canals are now crystal clear. They’ve even welcomed the likes of dolphins, jellyfish, and swans into their depths. 

Bears have come out to play in Yosemite National Park 

Yosemite National Park is a hugely popular tourist attraction, and while its main selling point is the natural wonders that exist within this park, the fact that it’s normally overrun with people takes this shine away. Due to the current lockdown restrictions, though, Yosemite is now closed to the public, meaning that the animals and the wildlife in this park can go about their business without being hounded by tourists looking to take their pictures.

While the park as a whole has seen increased wildlife activity, it’s the activity of the bear population that has really got keepers excited. That’s because the visible population has quadrupled over this period, as more and more of them are choosing to make their way out into open spaces, rather than hide from humans. 

Deer have made London streets their home 

When you think of the city of London, there’s a high chance that you immediately think of bright lights, bustling streets, and a distinct lack of animals – apart from the odd pigeon here and there. One of the main reasons for this is because animals don’t like to scoot under and through the legs of millions of tourists and city workers.

Things have changed now, though. In one east London east, deer from a nearby park have made their way out of the park boundaries and onto their streets. The lack of cars on the road and people roaming the streets during lockdown has made them incredibly brave, and locals love to see them grazing outside of their windows. 

The Himalayas are visible for the first time in 30 years

It’s no secret that humans are having a negative effect on this world. With global warming being a looming issue that’s becoming increasingly worrisome, we have also dealt with the effects of air pollution across the globe. While much of this air pollution isn’t visible to the naked eye, it has often meant that large structures in the distance – such as mountain ranges and volcanoes – have gone out of sight.

This has been the case for the Himalayas for the past three decades, and those who live around these iconic mountains have rarely been able to see these bad boys from their homes. However, with air pollution at an all-time low, they now have the perfect view. How cool is that? 

Wild boars are checking out the streets in Israel 

It’s amazing to see animals venturing outside of their normal comfort zones during the lockdown crisis, and there’s no doubt about the fact that this makes us feel much better that we’re stuck inside of our own homes during lockdown. After all, why can’t these wild boars check out the streets of Israel if they want to?

While we think these are pretty cute, it’s safe to say that these new visitors are causing a bit of a ruckus in the residential area of Haifa, where they are most prevalent. That’s because these guys aren’t too kind to humans, which means that locals are being extra careful when it comes to putting out the rubbish or heading out on their daily walk to grab some fresh air. 

Sea turtles are thriving on deserted Thai beaches

If you’ve never seen footage of baby sea turtles hatching and then plodding their way into the ocean, then you need to Google that immediately – and we guarantee you that you won’t regret it. While volunteers have worked tirelessly to ensure that these sea turtles are protected on the beaches of Thailand, they have often found that numbers have reduced over the years.

Not at the moment, though, as sea turtles are now thriving on the deserted Thai beaches! Yes, with tourists and locals away from the sand and the ocean, these turtles are finally being given the chance to not only make their way into the ocean but also survive in the ocean due to a reduction in plastic and other pollutants. 

Orcas have been spotted in Indian Arm for the first time in decades 

Killer whales are truly majestic creatures, and while there’s no doubt about the fact that they’re pretty darn huge, they’ve been pretty hard to spot in the past. One of the main reasons for that is because they are driven away and further out into the open ocean because of the human presence – but that’s now all changed.

In the Indian Arm region of Vancouver, British Columbia, residents are finally seeing the return of orcas for the first time in decades. Without boats, fishermen, swimmers, and other water sport enthusiasts to scare them off, they are finally heading back closer to the shore and allowing locals the chance to marvel in their size and magnificence. 

Nara deer are exploring the city 

If you’re familiar with the city of Nara, Japan, you’ll probably know that this place is pretty famous for the large population of Nara deer that live here. These animals have roamed the city for decades, but they are normally hounded on a regular basis by tourists who travel the world just to feed them out of the palm of their hands.

It’s pretty cute, but when do they get the chance to just do what they want? Well, it seems as though now is that time. With locals in their homes and tourists urged to stay away from the city thanks to lockdown, these Nara deer now have the opportunity to roam the city at their will. They can wander around and gather their own food, and they don’t have to worry about people taking selfies with them. 

The smog is clearing in New Delhi

India is a huge country, and while it’s known for its incredible culture and the incredible food, it seems as though this country has also built up a reputation for itself as being pretty smoggy. With cars and other vehicles causing a huge amount of pollution, some of the big cities in India are constantly covered with a layering that cuts the people off from the natural skyline.

However, with a nationwide lockdown in place and hardly any cars on the roads, the country has since transformed. This has certainly been the case for New Delhi, which has opened up to a whole new world of blue skies, candyfloss clouds, and a skyline in the distance. That’s pretty incredible. 

While you may be getting fed up in your homes during lockdown, just remember two things: This won’t last forever, and just look at how nature is thriving! It’s time to give nature a chance to enjoy the world for a change. 

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