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Our 6 Favourite Social Enterprises in the UK

While our main goal at Earth Unearthed is to show off products that are better for the environment, we also love to discuss ethical options too. Social enterprises are companies that create products or sell services, but with a difference. The money they make goes straight back into a cause, whether that be tackling social injustices or fighting climate change. If you want to buy products that make you feel good and do good, you’ll love social enterprises. Here are some of the very best social enterprises in the UK!

Please note: There may be affiliate links in this article. It doesn’t impact your experience on the site. We only recommend ethical and eco-friendly brands. Anything you buy through our links may earn us a small commission which we use to keep the site going and to keep educating people on looking after our planet. You can learn more about our transparent affiliate policy and why we never show display ads or advertise Amazon here.

The Soap Co.

This luxury skin and body care brand creates products that tick all of the right boxes. Firstly, all of their products are handmade in the UK in a traditional workshop. Secondly, all of those who work in that workshop are visually impaired, blind or have disabilities that would make it difficult to find other employment.

Thirdly, The Soap Co. aim to be as sustainable as possible, ensuring they source their bottles from local businesses and that their soap packaging is compostable. Oh, and their soaps are to die for! Could it get much better than that?


We love social enterprises that give back to the planet, which is why we’re head over heels with BamBox. In an attempt to help reduce the world of single-use plastics, this social enterprise has created a lunchbox made from bamboo.

They’re super stylish, super sustainable, and they’ll fit all of your favourite foods inside. However, they haven’t stopped with just making bamboo lunchboxes. On top of this, they also donate proceeds to Friends of the Earth in their mission to end plastic pollution.

Elvis & Kresse

Thanks to these guys, none of London’s fire-hose has ended up in landfill for over a decade! That’s because Elvis & Kresse rescue materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, to turn them into incredibly stylish accessories.

After turning used up fire hoses into bags, purses and cufflinks, they also partnered up with Burberry back in 2017 to make use of their leather off-cuts. Elvis & Kresse have saved hundreds of tons of material from ending up in landfill and they donate 50% of their profits straight back to charity.

The Little Coffee Company

Is there anything much better than the taste of coffee? How about coffee that is ethical too? Delicious! The Little Coffee Company works with female farmers to source coffee and cocoa beans in regions experiencing crises.

Along with sourcing their beans from these farmers, they also provide support for community development projects to ensure those they work with are safe and making money. Their Jamaican Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee is absolutely delicious, with hints of citrus and chocolate.

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When it comes to social enterprises, Stand4Socks have tried to tick every single box going! Most of us wear socks every day, so what if they could change the world? Each pair of their socks represents a cause, as signified by a small logo on the ankle of each one.

Whether you want to help provide more socks for the homeless, promote gender equality, plant more trees, or even provide power to a hospital, Stand4Socks will let you do just that! These socks are also made with bamboo, meaning they’re a far more sustainable option that’s better for the planet all round.

Social Enterprise Gift Boxes

We love Social Supermarket and the sheer number of different social enterprises in the UK that they promote. However, if you’re finding it hard to pick just one thing (or social enterprise), then perhaps it’s time to look into one of their gift boxes?

Featuring a mixture of food and drink from UK social enterprises, you can gift one of these whilst also helping those in need. Currently, all of the profits from these gift boxes are going to FairShare, who are helping get food to those most vulnerable during the pandemic. It’s a win-win all round!

Social enterprises in the UK are growing in number and it’s so important we lend our support to these ethical companies. The next time you’re planning on treating someone (or yourself) see whether you buy from a social enterprise instead! Looking for more eco-friendly gifts? Here are some of our top picks for any budget.

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