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8 of the Best Plastic-Free Food Storage Solutions

We are all trying to find plastic-free solutions to our everyday problems. Now that we know the damage that plastics have caused to our environment, it’s up to us to try and find a way to live without it. That’s where these plastic-free food storage solutions come in, they can help you to reduce the amount of plastics you use, while helping the environment too.

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Wax paper

When we’re eating food on the go, like a sandwich for work, the easiest thing to do is throw it into a sandwich bag, or some cling film. That doesn’t have to be the case any longer thanks to wax paper that keeps your food fresh, without using any plastics. Not only does it stop you from using single-use plastics, but it also looks great, and it’s like giving a little present to yourself every day.

Mason jars

Ah, the humble mason jar. You know if someone hands you one of these filled with food, it’s going to be good. These jars act as a great place to store any food leftovers you might have, from dinner scraps to dry foods like flour and grains. These jars can last as long as you need them to, and they will transport your soup from your home to the office with no issue.

Food nets – for supermarkets

A common sight when we go to the supermarket for food is the amount of plastic wrapping our fresh fruit and veg comes in. We are told this is to preserve the freshness of the food inside, but our food will be gone in a few months, while the plastic will remain behind forever. Reusable food nets have become popular in the supermarket aisles because you can buy your loose fresh food and place it all in one handy bag. That stops us from taking a little bag for every variety of fruit and veg in our trolley or basket.

Glass boxes or stainless steel boxes

Tupperware is pretty useful, but because of the material they are made from, they are going to be hanging around for a while. There is an alternative to the plastic lunchbox, and it comes in the form of either glass or stainless steel boxes. They won’t damage the environment in the same way, and their lids won’t stop working after a few uses, unlike plastics.

Food Huggers

One thing that plastics have been great for around the kitchen is keeping the freshness of half-used fruit and veg. If you’ve only used half a pepper or banana, you know that it’s no longer going to be as fresh. These products fit right on the end of the vegetables or fruits that you have half-used, and gives them a big hug. That locks in the freshness, and once you are done with that food, you can wash the Food Hugger and use it again.

Fabric covers

We don’t need to cover our bowls with cling film in our homes, we can use cloth instead. What’s even better is that we can actually make these at home ourselves, cutting out the manufacturing process entirely. All you need is some fabric and a rubber band. This gives your food a breathable cover, which can actually make it last longer than when it is covered with plastic.

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Aluminium foil

While using aluminium foil for everything won’t be very sustainable, in those moments where you need to wrap your food, it is a good option. The foil can actually be washed and reused, making it a much better option than cling film. It can be used several times and it is recyclable, so long as it is cleaned of any food residue.

Bamboo and cork containers

Bamboo and cork containers make great sustainable substitutes for plastic food containers. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, meaning you can organize the food storage in your kitchen without using any plastic. These containers are also dishwasher-proof, taking the hassle out of cleaning them.

These products will not save the planet by reducing plastics, they will also make your life easier. These innovative solutions to our food storage problems mean we can keep our food fresh while having a clear conscience that we aren’t unnecessarily using plastics.

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