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Do We All Need to Stop Going on Holiday to Save the Planet?

With the world currently crying out for help, many of us are desperate to do something to bring about positive change. Adapting our lifestyles to suit the planet’s needs is essential right now, but that does entail making sacrifices here and there. Does that include giving up going on holiday, though? While plenty of people are quick to say yes, we reckon there are ways to work around this that could please everyone.

Stay in the UK

For a lot of travelers, going on holiday means abandoning the UK for a week or two and visiting somewhere with nicer weather. While this might be great for seeing the world, all those flights can cause significant harm to the planet. Apparently, one long-haul journey creates more carbon emissions than the average person does yearly in many countries. Even if you live as eco-friendly as possible, just one flight could undo all your hard work.

Having a holiday in the UK

That’s why choosing to holiday in the UK could be the best idea going forward. This country might not always have the best weather, but with locations like the Lake District and Cornwall, there’s still plenty to see and do here. Plus, you can rest assured that your travel plans won’t be as harmful to the environment.

Is that enough, though?

Of course, with the way the world is right now, some people are probably asking if this is enough. Even if we cut planes out of the equation, are our holiday plans still too much for the planet to currently handle? After all, traveling from one end of the UK to the other by train is still going to produce plenty of CO2.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible for a holiday not to impact the environment, no matter how hard you try. Our lives just naturally affect the world around us, even when we do everything we can to reduce our footprint. However, just because going on holiday won’t have repercussions, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it.

Finding compromises

The best way to enjoy a guilt-free holiday is to make significant eco-friendly changes in your life before you go away. For instance, if you know that your trip is going to release a certain amount of CO2 into the air, reduce your daily output in the prior months. A common way to do this is to walk or cycle to work instead of driving. As a result, you substitute the emissions from your daily commute for the ones that you’re responsible for during your holiday.

This might not be a perfect compromise, but it ensures that your impact isn’t any worse than it already was. It’s probably the best way to justify going on holiday at a time when things are far from ideal.

A holiday at home

If you’re still worried about your holiday affecting the planet, you could always find things to do that are a lot closer to home. Perhaps there’s an eco-friendly retreat in your area that you can visit, or maybe treat yourself to a few days at a sustainable hotel. With the money saved from traveling, there’s a higher chance you’ll be able to afford the luxury stay. 

Sticking around in your local area might not seem that thrilling, but you might be surprised by the experience. Sometimes it takes staying in different accommodation to see your surroundings from a new perspective. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your time off isn’t going to bring about the end of the world.

The thought of giving up on holidays isn’t a pleasant one, and it’s not something we think many people really need to consider. However, compromises like the ones we’ve discussed are probably still a good idea moving forward. After all, the planet is only going to get healthier again if we put in some effort to help it. While that might mean giving up on long-haul trips for the time being, that’s a sacrifice we think is worth making.

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