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Stores That Reward You for Recycling

It’s always good to have a little spring clean of your wardrobe every now and then. Of course, this doesn’t always have to take place in the spring – so why not break the rules and clear your closet in the winter instead? We don’t judge. When you do this, though, try not to just throw your old and unwanted clothes in the bin. Unwanted clothes and textiles make up a huge portion of the (mammoth) amount of waste that makes it way to landfill every single year, and doing anything to prevent this from happening is a big tick in our eco-friendly book. So, why not donate them instead? These are the stores that reward you for recycling. 


H&M may be considered by some as a fast fashion retailer, but there’s no doubt about the fact that they try to offset their quick-changing trends and their speedy production process by embracing many sustainable methods. Since 2013, they have offered their customers a Garment Collecting programme – and this could see you getting £5 off your next purchase either in one of their actual stores or online. Yep, if you make your way to an H&M till with a bag of unwanted clothing, you’ll be given a £5 voucher towards your next £25+ shopping spree. 


We’re just gonna go ahead and assume that you’re a huge fan of Lush. This eco-friendly brand has worked tirelessly over the years to produce vegan, cruelty-free, and natural products that have as little packaging as possible. While many of their products are now packaging-free, there are still many liquid products that have to be packaged in their recycled black pots. When you have five of these empty pots stashed in your house, take them to your nearest store and receive a free face mask in return.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is a huge fashion retailer in the UK, and they have made it their mission to work with the general public and other charities to help everyone – including the planet. They launched ‘Shwopping’ alongside Oxfam a few years ago, and this allows you to donate your unwanted items in one of the Swop Drop bins to earn 50 Sparks every time you do so. Alternatively, you could donate M&S clothes or furniture into an Oxfam store and get £5 off your next £35 shop. How cool is that?

MAC Cosmetics

If you’re a huge fan of makeup and cosmetics (well, we don’t blame you), then you will probably jump at the chance of receiving free stuff. That’s what can happen if you choose to recycle your old MAC Cosmetics products. If you have six old product casings that you just don’t want to throw in the bin, you can take them back to the store and receive a new lipstick as a way of saying thank you. Free makeup and less waste? We’re sold. 


L’Occitane prides itself on working harmoniously with the environment, and that’s not just with the ingredients that they use in their products. Over the years, they have also joined forces with TerraCycle to offer recycling and reward programmes for their customers. If you take an empty L’Occitane product packet back to one of their stores, you will be given 10% off a new full price product on that same day. 

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Over the past few years, Hunter has really stepped up their game when it comes to recycling their rubber wellies. So, if you have an old pair of Hunters that have seen better days, you can make your way to one of their participating stores and receive 15% off your next Hunter purchase. These old wellies are then taken to a specific plant where they will be recycled and transformed to become road surfaces, playground surfacing, kickboxing bag filler, and so much more. Recycling does make the world go around, after all. 

The North Face

Many people love The North Face because they offer quality outdoor gear, but what you might not realise is that they also offer a ‘Clothes The Loop’ rewards programme. This means that you can take any of your unwanted clothes to any participating store and then receive a voucher that will give you money off your next purchase. These don’t have to be clothing from The North Face, and they can be in any condition as their recycling centre works to extract the raw materials. 

Everyone loves getting rewards, right? Well, it seems as though you can actually be rewarded while also being generous to the environment, and we don’t think we’ve ever been more impressed with the initiative being taken within the business world. Yep, make use of these stores that will reward you for recycling.

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