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The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020

Hands up if you love fashion? Hands up if you also love the wonderful planet that we live on? If you’re waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care right now, a trip into the realm of sustainable fashion shouldn’t be too difficult. With more and more people realising that we need to make some serious changes if we want to maintain the beauty of the world, many of us are looking at how we can mix up our wardrobe, buy ethical clothing, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Thankfully, these sustainable fashion blogs are here to help you along the way – and they’re pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves. 

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My Green Closet 

If you’re looking to make your wardrobe green – in the metaphorical sense and perhaps even the literal sense – then Erin has got your back. As the woman behind My Green Closet, this sustainability warrior isn’t just someone who loves clothes.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - My Green Closet
Image source

With a Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology under her belt, Erin made her transition to sustainable fashion when she realised that the fast fashion world was extremely destructive. Now, she shares her tips and tricks on how to dress in a more eco-friendly fashion.

Sustainably Chic

Always thought that you can’t look chic and wear sustainable clothing at the same time? Well, think again. Sustainably Chic is run by Natalie Kay, who has been helping others build an environmentally-conscious wardrobe since 2014.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Sustainably Chic
Image source

Her wealth of experience and insider knowledge means that she is the best of the best when it comes to which sustainable brands really do make a difference and which ones you should avoid. With outfit ideas for all seasons, this is one of the best sustainable fashion blogs around!

Fashion Hound 

Faye ain’t nothin’ but a fashion hound, stylin’ all the time! Alongside her impressive career in the world of television in Australia, America and the UK, this fashionista also dedicates a huge amount of her time to inspire others to dress sustainably.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Fashion Hound
Image source

One of her biggest skills is that she can turn something preloved – including designer garments – into something that looks brand new. By doing this, she reduces her carbon footprint, gives new life to something that would potentially go to the landfill, and she saves herself some money at the same time. 

The Peahen 

Kasi Martin looks pretty cool, right? Inside her impressive slice of the internet, Kasi intends to “bring truth-telling back to fashion.” She has started a fashion-centred conversation that allows her to unpick certain aspects of the style world while also inspiring others to change to a sustainable wardrobe and lifestyle as a whole.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - The Peahen
Image source

From her Sustainable Fashion Guide to some of the best sustainable fashion brands in the world, The Peahen offers an inspiring perspective on where your clothes come from, how you can source them, and what impact you’ll have on the planet. 

Seasons and Salt 

Andrea Hartman is the woman making her mark within her Seasons and Salt fashion blog, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she is a sustain-aholic. She wanted to keep her blog as simple and informative as possible, which is why she focuses her attention on designers who are sustainable, ethical, and largely independent.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Seasons and Salt
Image source

Thanks to her break away from the high street and major corporations, she has been able to create a wardrobe for herself that’s cool, quirky, and ridiculously comfortable. Just look at that outfit, for a start! This is one of the coolest sustainable fashion blogs around.

Literally Nataly 

Nataly Björklund started her blog to document her rise into the world of sustainable fashion. As she has grown increasingly conscious about ethical clothing and organic fabrics, she has also taken her followers along for the ride.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Literally Nataly
Image source

She has ditched luxury brands in order to embrace a more natural way of life for herself and her family, and she loves to share her tips and tricks. From her styling antics to her knowledge on sustainable fabrics and washing detergents, it seems as though Nataly has been able to truly make her mark. 

Marie Standeren 

As someone who refuses to call herself a woman because she loves to embrace her inner child, Marie Standeren knows just how important sustainable fashion is to the world and the planet that we live on. She wants to keep this place as beautiful as possible, which is why the main focus of her blog is sustainable fashion.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Marie Standeren
Image source

With insider tips on designers who practice these ethical concepts to setting sustainable challenges for her followers, Marie also adds her own style into the mix. As someone who loves mixing vintage fashion with a little luxury, she looks awesome. 

The Sustainable Edit 

While The Sustainable Edit isn’t specifically a blog on sustainable fashion, Scottish lass Jen has made sure that her followers get all the information they need about the slow fashion industry.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - The Sustainable Edit
Image source

Focusing on the Hygge style, Jen wants people to slow down and stray away from fast fashion and high street retailers in favour of clothes that have longevity and are of high quality. Because of this, you can guarantee that she has posts on how to ensure that your wardrobe is simple yet effective, and a place that doesn’t harm the world around us. 

Sutton and Grove 

They often say that two heads are better than one, and it seems as though that’s definitely the case with Sutton and Grove. Luke and Jill Mathews are a married couple who ensure that they live their lives as sustainably as possible to give the planet a better chance at life.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Sutton and Grove
Image source

Not only are they the ultimate #CoupleGoals, but they are also incredibly stylish. Both Luke and Jill contribute to their blog, where they focus on a conscious lifestyle and sustainable fashion choices for both men and women – that don’t compromise on taste or style. 

Unmaterial Girl 

Because we are living in an unmaterial world, and Leah is an Unmaterial Girl! After volunteering in Brazil, Leah found herself in the midst of what she calls a “fashion epiphany,” and this has put her on the path towards sustainable fashion. As someone who formerly owned a clothing store, she already knew so much about fashion – but her priorities have changed slightly now.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Unmaterial Girl
Image source

She is now committed to making a difference with her blog and ensuring that people wear ethical clothing. And that they fully understand the true meaning behind a conscious wardrobe. This is one of those sustainable fashion blogs that will make you think about your choices. 

See Also


As well as looking totally fabulous, Adita Mayer is also the proud owner of Adimay. After becoming frustrated with the lack of representation within the fight towards sustainability, Adita decided to set up her own corner of the internet where she could question and critique the aspects of fashion.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Adimay
Image source

She now writes about the processes behind sustainably fashion and the development of fabrics, while also showing off her own unique style in the process. She has become a major driving force within the ethical world, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she knows her stuff. 

Shae Necessities 

As a self-confessed fashion activist, Shae Burns focuses on “Lifestyle necessities for the eco-chic.” After becoming saddened by the effect that the fast and cheap fashion world were having on the world, Shae decided that she needed to make some changes and reprogram her way of thinking.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Shae Necessities
Image source

She now focuses her blog on sustainable clothing that looks even more fabulous than the ones you can buy on the high street. She hopes to inspire other people to also make that change, and if you follow her, you’ll also get to peep at her adorable dog!

Ethical Unicorn 

Who wouldn’t want to take sustainable fashion tips from an Ethical Unicorn? While Francesca Willow focuses her blog on all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle, you can tell from her photos and her content that she holds a dear place in her heart for fashion.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Ethical Unicorn
Image source

A huge portion of her blog focuses on consumer choice, and she hopes to change the opinions of those who have spent their lives buying into the “fast fashion” world. She does this by showing off her own amazing outfits and writing about alternative brands and companies that you could invest your money in more wisely. 


Even if you want to look as fancy as possible, Unfancy has got your back. Powered at the helm by Caroline Joy, this blog is all about the beauty of sustainable fashion and fabrics.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Unfancy
Image source

Caroline has found that simplifying her wardrobe and opted for high-quality pieces that can be remodelled and remixed into different outfits has had a better impact on her life – and the planet as a whole. Not only does she put together outfits and showcases her capsule wardrobes, but she also reviews brands and companies who offer ethical clothing. 

Lauren Engelke 

With a bright and vibrant blog to explore, Lauren Engelke certainly knows how to catch our eye. Focusing on both men and women’s clothing, Lauren has devoted her section of the internet to showcasing her knowledge and her talent as a sustainable tailor and stylist.

The Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 - Lauren Engelke
Image source

After learning all about the terrible conditions that workers found themselves in and how damaging fast fashion can be to the environment, Lauren decided to stray away from the conventional world of fashion to something more sustainable. She shows off her thrifty creations while also sharing tips and tricks about an ethical way of living. 

These sustainable fashion blogs will ensure you stay one step ahead of the trends, while also doing your bit for the planet. What could be better, right?!

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