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The Benefits of Nutritional Yeast
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The Benefits of Nutritional Yeast
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The Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

When you think of yeast, you probably think of the stuff that makes bread rise and become all fluffy and yummy, right? Well, you’re not wrong. There is a different kind of yeast on the block, though, and this comes in the form of nutritional yeast. Sometimes given the nickname of ‘nooch,’ this is something that many vegetarians and vegans should already be pretty familiar with. However, if you’re new to this no-meat lifestyle, then you’re going to want to get clued up on the benefits of nutritional yeast. 

Nutritional yeast is a ‘complete’ protein

One of the biggest qualms that meat eaters have with vegetarians and vegans stems from the idea that people who don’t eat meat just can’t get enough protein. Of course, anyone who is a vegetarian or vegan knows that this is complete tosh, as plants themselves are extremely high in protein. This means that fruits and veggies should provide you with enough to keep you fit and healthy – but what you might not know is that plant protein isn’t a ‘complete’ protein. This means that many of them don’t have the nine essential amino acids that can be found in many meat and animal products. That doesn’t mean that you have to start eating meat, though. That’s because nutritional yeast is a ‘complete’ protein, which means that it has everything you could possibly need and more. 

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It’s high in vitamin B12 

If you’re familiar with your vitamins and minerals, you’ll know that vitamin B12 is pretty important. That’s because this vitamin helps to keep your blood cells and your nervous system in tip-top shape, and it also gives you more energy. A lack of vitamin B12 can leave you tired, anaemic, and lacking that get-up-and-go that most people want from their existence on this planet. While vitamin B12 can be found in the likes of meat, fish, milk, eggs, and cheese, this obviously isn’t an option for anyone who is vegetarian or vegan. Thankfully, nutritional yeast is extremely high in vitamin B12. 

It can curb your cravings 

Nutritional yeast may look like a pile of yellow dust, but the benefits of nutritional yeast really are incredible. As if the first two pointers weren’t enough, we’re here to tell you that this stuff can also help you curb your cravings. As a low-glycemic food, nutritional yeast has the pleasure of being able to help your body regulate its sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are more stable, you should find that your body doesn’t crave these extra snacks and sweet treats. 

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It can be used as a cheese substitute 

Many people wonder how nutritional yeast can be used within your everyday life, but the truth of the matter is that nutritional yeast can be used with any and every recipe out there. Those who have used this in the past will know that nutritional yeast is a great cheese substitute, especially if you’re vegan, vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, or just trying to cut down on dairy. It’s slightly cheesy in terms of its flavour, and while it may not be as strong as a stilton or camembert, it can definitely take your macaroni and cheese recipe up a notch. You can mix it into your sauce, or you could top your dish off with this ‘nooch’ to give it a little crunch. 

Nutritional yeast may seem like a strange addition to your pantry, but really, it should be one of the most important members of your dry-food-club. There are so many benefits of nutritional yeast in terms of your overall health and your enjoyment of food, so why don’t you give it a go?

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