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The Best Zero Waste Blogs to Follow in 2020

While going zero waste might seem like a big task, it’s not unachievable. Plenty of people have discovered just how easy it is to follow this eco-friendly lifestyle, and they’ve taken to sharing their knowledge with the internet. A quick Google search reveals just how many incredible blogs there are that dedicate themselves entirely to being zero waste. Of course, you might not have the time to read through all of them, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best ones out there. These are the best zero waste blogs to follow in 2020 – in our opinion! 

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Going Zero Waste

The clue is in the name with this blog run by enthusiastic and inspiring Kathryn Kellogg. This blogger has been following a zero waste lifestyle for some years now, with her eco-friendly habits arising after health concerns. Kellogg wanted to combine helping the planet with helping herself, and now she’s helping others follow in her footsteps.

Going Zero Waste - Zero waste bloggers
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Providing advice and recipes for those who want it, Kathryn’s blog discusses a wide variety of zero waste topics. From eco-friendly vacationing in Disneyland to tips for recycling, she’s seemingly thought of everything. She even has suggestions on how to throw a zero waste wedding, because no-one wants to spend their big day wracked with guilt.

Wasteland Rebel

While in college, Shia Su thought her adult life would be all about living sustainably. Unfortunately, once she’d graduated and started earning a decent wage, things went in a different direction. It was only in 2014 that she got herself back on track, and since then, she’s been a zero waste activist.

Zero waste blog - Wasteland Rebel
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Having learned how to change her lifestyle completely, she knows firsthand that anyone can follow her lead. That’s why she established Wasteland Rebel to share recipes, answer questions, and offer zero waste alternatives for all your daily needs. She keeps things simple but informative, so you learn everything you need to without ever feeling like the lifestyle is too much of a grind.

Trash is for Tossers

In a few years’ time, Lauren Singer will celebrate a decade of zero waste living, and she couldn’t be happier. Ever since she learned it was possible to kick her wasteful habits, she’s been on a journey to improve herself for the sake of the planet. When Singer realized that what she’d learned was worth passing on, she set up Trash is for Tossers.

One of the best zero waste blogs - Trash is for tossers
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Her blog demonstrates just how fun and effective a zero waste lifestyle can be, whether you’re at home or on the go. With recipes for homemade toothpaste to suggestions for avoiding wasteful gift wrapping, her experience is something we can all learn from.

Zero Waste Chef

Food is an essential part of our lives, but it can be one of the worst offenders for creating waste. That’s why a blog designed around being zero waste in the kitchen is a useful resource. Anne Marie Bonneau is the woman responsible for such a site – Zero Waste Chef – and she’s someone you can absolutely rely on.

Anne Marie Bonneau is zero waste blogger, Zero Waste Chef
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After all, she’s been living plastic-free for almost a decade now. Not only does the blog offer advice on how to make use of your food and avoid buying anything wasteful, but it also contains helpful recipes and the option to attend hands-on classes. Anyone who ever visits Mountain View in California can see for themselves why Bonneau is so respected in the Zero Waste community.

Paris To Go

It takes courage to admit when you’ve made mistakes, and Ariana Schwarz has definitely done that. In her blog, Paris To Go, she confesses where she’s made wrong assumptions about the zero waste community in an effort to educate and assist. She’s not afraid to tackle hard-hitting topics like whether or not being zero waste is ableist, and her posts are consistently well-considered and thought-provoking.

Zero waste blogs - Paris to Go
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The blog is an excellent eye-opener, especially if you want something that offers more than just helpful recipes. Schwarz is starting a conversation that may well become more prevalent as the zero waste community grows and thrives.

Zero Waste Guy

Whereas some people are inspired to go zero waste for personal reasons, Jonathan Levy’s introduction to the lifestyle was more of a professional one. He’s spent over a decade working in supply chain management, and that naturally brought sustainable resource management to his attention.

Zero Waste Guy - Zero waste bloggers
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Having picked up on the importance of being zero waste through his job, Levy has endeavored to share his unique understanding with the rest of the world. Anyone looking to hear from a more professional viewpoint about eco-friendly living might benefit from checking out Zero Waste Guy. His perspective is definitely a rare one to find in this great community.


Typically, zero waste bloggers share their annual trash output with followers. This is an excellent way to highlight the impact of their lifestyle and demonstrate how it’s changed over the years. However, Celia Ristow of Litterless doesn’t do this because she believes her output is only half the story.

Zero waste blogs to follow - Literless
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With so much rubbish being made before a product’s even reached her hands, she knows the real fight is with those manufacturers. That’s why her blog features places where you can shop sustainably, as well as insight into her zero waste journey. The resource is a handy addition to the informative, personalized posts about what to buy in your quest to become an eco-friendly pro.

Zero Waste Home

As an author dedicated to zero waste living, Bea Johnson has heard all the doubts and excuses from the critics. However, that hasn’t swayed her from doing everything she can to support the planet. Bea’s work has now been translated into 25 different languages, and it all started with her blog Zero Waste Home.

Zero Waste Home blog
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It’s a useful resource for anyone searching for eco-friendly product recommendations or finding places that are package-free. This blog is a tool that everyone should have in their arsenal, simply because Johnson is so respected in the zero waste community. In many ways, she’s the woman that started it all, so you know she’s someone you can trust.

Moral Fibres

Since 2013, Wendy Graham has been giving readers the lowdown on how to be “hip, not hippie” in regards to reducing waste. Having worked for years in the sustainability sector, she can anticipate your questions before you ask them. That’s a pretty handy quality for someone to have, especially when it comes to blogging.

Moral Fibres - Zero Waste Blogs
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Wendy uses her site Moral Fibres to share everything she’s learned from her experiences, covering topics like arts and crafts, home and garden, and fashion. She even delves into tips and tricks for youngsters too, because you’re never too young to start your zero waste lifestyle.

The Rogue Ginger

The great thing about these zero waste blogs is that none of them are particularly new. They’ve spent years establishing themselves online, including Erin Rhoades’ The Rogue Ginger. For seven years, this blog has been educating readers on how to start making small changes so that the bigger ones come naturally.

Zero waste blogger - The Rogue Ginger
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Erin’s posts are detailed and informative, yet you can breeze through them without much effort. Whether you’re learning about what clothes to wear or which books to buy for your kids, The Rogue Ginger is always a joy to read. It’s no wonder that her blog spawned two successful books last year – Waste Not, and Waste Not Everyday.

Zero waste living might not be the norm just yet, but it’s clear to see that it’s definitely on the up. With so many zero waste blogs not only documenting the benefits of this lifestyle but showing you the easiest ways to follow it, we expect big changes moving forward. Sure, becoming zero waste might seem overwhelming at first, but these bloggers ought to put your mind at ease. After all, they’ve been in your shoes before, and look at where they are now.

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