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These Yummy Foods Are Surprisingly Vegan

Vegans just eat rabbit food, right? They munch on carrots and hummus all day without much else, don’t they? Well, as much as we love a good ol’ stick of carrot and a huge dollop of hummus, there’s much more to veganism than just eating fruits and vegetables. While it’s incredibly important for vegans to live a healthy lifestyle and eat foods that do not contain any form of animal product, that doesn’t mean that vegans can’t eat yummy treats every now and then. Sure, you can make your own delicious vegan flapjacks or try out one of these amazing vegan breakfast recipes, but if you just want to pick up a little snack on-the-go, you’ll be happy to know that these foods are surprisingly vegan. 


What could be better than twisting it, licking it, and then dunking it in your favourite glass of plant-based milk? Yep, Oreos are completely vegan, and you’ll be happy to know that there are no animal products within these ingredients. This will come as a surprise to many who see the chocolatey cookies and the delicious cream sandwiched in the middle, but this probably isn’t a surprise to those who have been vegans for a little while. After all, they’re a vegans’ ultimate go-to treat. 

Hartley’s Jelly 

Everyone knows that one of the main ingredients in jelly is the gelatine. This animal product is what gives it the wibbly-wobbly texture, but that doesn’t mean that you have to use animal-derived gelatine. Nowadays, it’s easy to use something called agar – which is a form of algae – to make jelly instead, and it seems as though Hartley’s are embracing new ways of making their jelly, which is why many of their newer flavours are now vegan. It’s important to note that they are not all vegan, though, so it’s best to do your research before buying them.

HP Sauce

HP sauce is fruity, tangy, and almost BBQ-y in terms of its flavour, so many would assume that it’s not vegan. It must have meat in it to give it that meaty flavour, right? Well, not quite. This big-name product is actually vegan, and doesn’t contain any animal products at all. That means that you can add it to the side of your vegan fry-up, you can mix it into your baked beans to add some tang to your beans on toast, and you can even add it to your spaghetti bolognese to give it a little extra kick.


If you have recently become vegan or whether you are now a seasoned vegan, you’ll probably know that most sweets in this world are not suitable for vegetarians – let alone vegans. That’s because many of these sweets contain gelatine, as this creates the gooey, chewy texture that most of us are familiar with. It could be easy to assume that Starburst also contains this animal product, but that’s not the case at all. In the UK, Starburst is completely vegan, meaning that you can eat as many as you like. If you’re in the US, though, they are only vegetarian. 


You either love it or hate it, and while we can’t make that decision for you, we can make it pretty clear that Marmite is completely vegan. One of the main reasons why some people don’t like Marmite is because they think it tastes bitter and meaty, but there isn’t any meat within this product. Anyone who spreads this on their toast, crumpets, or even dollops into their vegan Shepherd’s Pie will be happy to know that the main ingredient in Marmite is yeast. In fact, it’s a great source of vitamin B12!


There was once a time when we would stand in the school playground and place one single Skip on our tongue to feel it fizzing away. While we don’t do that anymore, there’s no doubt about the fact that we still enjoy these yummy crisps. The fact that Skips are vegan is pretty surprising, considering they are so popular because of their prawn cocktail flavour. Yet, like many other flavoured crisps out there, it’s the spices and the flavourings that create this taste, rather than actual prawns. So, you can rest easy knowing that Skips are guilt-free. 

Jus-Rol Pastry 

When you walk past the pre-rolled pastry in the supermarket, you probably just assume that it’s not vegan, right? After all, traditional pastry is normally made from butter or lard, which is almost always derived from animals. However, this isn’t the case for many of the products within the Jus-Rol Pastry brand. Their shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, and even their croissant pastry are all vegan, and most of them are made with vegetable oils rather than animal-derived butter. This isn’t the case for all of their products, though, so be sure to check the label before you buy. 

Mr Kipling Apple & Blackcurrant Pies 

If you have family members that aren’t vegan, you may find that they often scoff at your dietary decision. What they don’t realise, though, is that one of their favourite treats is actually vegan. That’s because the Mr Kiping Apple & Blackcurrant Pies are completely free of animal products, and many non-vegan people have been eating them for years just assuming that they are made with animal-derived butter, eggs, and milk. You can either let your family members know that they’re eating a vegan treat, or you could sit smugly in the corner as they chow down on this yummy snack. 


Who knew that triangle-shaped crisps could be so tantalising? Well, that’s certainly the case for Doritos. Although we can’t brush the whole Dorito brand with the vegan brush, many of the flavours we all know and love are vegan. If you’re a fan of the Lightly Salted, Chilli Heatwave, or the BBQ Doritos, then you’re in luck. These flavours are vegan, but if you’re looking to pick up any of the other flavours, it’s always a good idea to check whether they are vegan before taking them to the checkout. They may just be vegetarian, rather than vegan. 

Fox’s Party Rings 

You probably remember Fox’s Party Rings from the kids’ parties you used to go to when you were younger, but who says that you have to stop eating them when you grow up? Definitely not us – especially as they’re vegan. While these Party Rings are obviously chock-full of sugar, they aren’t chock-full of animal products. This means that you can whip them out at your own birthday party, or buy them for your own child’s birthday party if you’re a parent who wants to encourage sustainable eating behaviours. 

Homepride Texan BBQ Cooking Sauce

Homepride is a huge brand that offers countless different products, and it can normally be found in supermarkets across the UK. While they have some products that are obviously for vegetable dishes, we have a feeling that most vegans would steer clear of their Texan BBQ Cooking Sauce. After all, the picture on the front of the packaging shows off sticky chicken, and anything with BBQ in the title is normally full of animal products. So, it may shock you to learn that this product is completely vegan. You can use it to make some delicious cauliflower wings, or add to your vegetable stir fry.

Haribo Rainbow Strips 

Haribo is notorious for using gelatine within their products, but that’s not the case for all of them. If you’re a fan of sour sweets, then your tongue will probably be tingling at the thought of these Haribo Rainbow Strips. Many of their vegetarian sweets are glazed with beeswax that makes them unsuitable for vegans, but these Rainbow Strips are completely free of any form of animal product. This is rare for such a large brand, so let’s hope that they start ditching gelatine in the future to make their products more suitable for vegans. 

See Also

Betty Crocker Cake Mixes 

Betty Crocker is a legend in the baking game, isn’t she? This brand has been showering us with the baked goods for years, and the cake mixes are perfect for those who want to whip up a cake without buying all of the ingredients. Most people would assume that these cake mixes aren’t vegan – because a lot of them aren’t. However, there are various cake mixes under the Betty Crocker umbrella that are vegan. All you have to do is use your own egg replacement of choice rather than add real eggs when mixing things up.

Nestlé Coco Shreddies 

If you’re the kind of person that can’t start their day without a bowl of cereal, you’ll probably know that many of the cereals that you find in the supermarket – or your nearest zero-waste shop – are vegan. However, most people just assume that anything with chocolate in it is immediately taken out of that category. That’s not the case for these Nestlé Coco Shreddies, though. This cereal is suitable for vegans due to the fact that there are no animal products used in the making of this cereal. Many Nestlé cereals are also full of healthy whole grains and vitamins that are essential for a balanced diet.

Bacon Rashers 

We know what you’re thinking; Bacon Rashers can’t be vegan, right? Well, what if we told you that they can? Many supermarkets have created their own form of this crisp, and if you pick them up from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-Op and Marks & Spencer, you’ll be able to see that they are vegan. No animal products are used in the production of these crisps because the bacon flavouring has come from flavourings rather than actual bacon. That’s what we all like to hear, isn’t it? Many other supermarkets have Bacon Rashers that are vegetarian, not vegan. 

Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate

Is there anything better than waking up to a delicious oat milk hot chocolate? We think not. It can be difficult for vegans to find drinking chocolate that works for them, though, as many of them use milk chocolate that obviously contains animal products. What you might not have realised is that Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate is completely vegan! That’s because it’s made from pure cocoa powder, and the only other ingredients are sugar, flavouring, and an acidity regulator. All you have to do is pair it with your favourite plant-based milk. 

Although many vegans love living a healthy lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong with being a little naughty every now and then. Thankfully, there are many accidentally vegan snacks out there that will curb your sweet tooth or add a little spice to your life. 

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